How to evaluate an Emergency Notification System?

If you have decided that your organization can take advantage of an emergency notification system, you have made a knowledgeable choice.

To date, there are more than 60 suppliers who provide emergency notification systems. With this increase in the development of such systems it can be a challenging exercise to make the right choice for the needs of your organization.

Not all notification systems are developed in the same manner. They vary in pricing, functionality and user interface. If you are looking for an emergency notification solution for your organization, you should find a developer that will cover all your notification and communication needs in the most cost efficient and effective way. Regardless of the kind of organization, there are some factors you should take under consideration to ensure that the solution you will choose is right for your needs.

When purchasing emergency notification software, your goal should be to select a system that not only addresses all of your organization’s essential needs but also can be easily implemented and used by your people. To achieve this, you first need to identify and understand the unique characteristics and needs of your business.

1. Ease of use

Find a system that is comprehensive and easy to use right out of the box. The easier it is to use the more likely you are to use it.

2. Data Security

Your system should be GDPR compliant and respect the privacy of your systems and employees.

3. Support

No matter how easy the software is to use there are always times where you may need some help. Ensure that the software you choose is accompanied by friendly and meaningful support.

4. Cost

Cost is always an important factor, especially when it comes to technology. Always evaluate the costs of any product, whether it’s per subscription, a license fee, or a flat rate. Be sure you only pay for what you will actually use.

5. Location of the software

While some suppliers might offer on-premise software you will definitely benefit from choosing a cloud-based solution. The benefits of cloud-based software are:

  1. There are not large up-front costs as you only pay for a subscription fee.
  2. You can outsource the maintenance without needing to pay any training fees for your employees
  3. Most importantly you do not have to worry about the integrity of the software during a critical event, such as a fire, a system breakdown, a cyber-attack or a flood as your system will be located off premises.