1. Workplace Procedures

These kind of guidelines are normally a set of rules that govern the employee actions when they are performing tasks. Industries and factories should specify that their workers must adhere to a set of safety procedures and at the same time highlight key requirements such as having safety guides in place. Employees should follow all the procedures laid out in the equipment manuals and also prohibited from jumping or running inside a factory.

2. Risk Assessment

To protect your employees you should always be aware of what could go wrong and what you can do to prevent a potentially dangerous situation. Never take unnecessary risks and stay calm if you find yourself in a perilous predicament. Every company should conduct a risk assessment to identify and prevent work hazards. Some organizations choose to have a safety officer with special training to recognize and analyze hazards.

3. Keep fire hazards out of the factory area

No matter what industry you are in, fire hazards are a risky factor to deal with. One small mistake can result in a huge fire, which can result to  massive losses for the company.

As much as possible, the fire hazards should be addressed especially in areas where many employees are working.

4. Monitor your infrastructure

It is common that malfunctions and accidents are caused by lack or improper monitoring of the facilities and equipment.

Machines and equipment, after all, can malfunction without any specific cause and the only way to minimize the impact is to react on time. By properly monitoring your infrastructure and equipment large scale incidents can be avoided.

5. Invest in smart prevention

You have performed your risk assessment, set up your work procedures, applied all these measures that will help you minimize the risk of an incident and finally set up specific actions to address the aforementioned incidents. But is this enough? Well, it is not. Prevention is always better than cure. You should always keep in mind that you need to invest in preventing mechanisms that will help you keep your business and personnel safe.

How can Ansart help you?

The L-Mark overheating detection sticker is a smart, easy to use and cost-effective solution that can help you prevent incidents caused from electrical connection malfunctions, oxidation of electrical contacts, oil leak and other malfunctions.

Detection of such malfunctions allows you to take the necessary corrective actions before finding yourself and your business in an emergency situation.

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